Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Berocca - "You, but on a really good day"

I'm going to possibly be the first person in 2008 to spraypaint


on a wall.

Why? Well I want to see what it's like to come across something 99% of the polycellular population has been party to for several years then appropriate it and idiotically pass it off as my own.

I mean





of 24-cunt-power social ignorance from those that are paid to spend an unhealthy proportion of their lives gauging zeitgeists. We're used to cultural appropriation but actually passing this off as an original idea? The audacity of some horrendous goon pinching something after some 20 bumzillion hits, compunded with the lack of checks that managed to get this passed...and then...a fucking Blacmange soundtrack?

I'm guessing only way you can live with yourself redundantly using your creativity and expression to sell overpriced hangover remedies is by stealing someone else's work, thus at least hanging onto a few leptons of your own gak and buzzword-dimmed soul.

Fucking Blacmange?!

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